Cancer - What the heck is she on, she's too cheery!

I'm going to share with you all the things I do to keep myself so freaking positive...

O.K, so let me tell you about all the things I do nearly every day to keep myself in a state of feeling positive and upbeat. I am going to state though that I don't feel amazing 100% of the time, although it is pretty rare for me to be down for a long period of time, your state of mind is EVERYTHING!!. Like anything in life, without discipline and consistency of action, it's easy to fall into your normal pattern of behaviour which often times doesn't serve you.

Here we go......

1. BE KIND- First things first, be kind to yourself! We all get frustrated with ourselves but often times we are our own biggest critic. 'I should've done this'...'I wish I hadn't done that'...'Why am I so unmotivated today'.....and you get the gist. I can be my worst and harshest critic and it takes practice and self discipline to stop berating yourself...(I do have too many conversations in my head though seriously!)

One thing that this diagnosis has given me is an almost superhero defense system. What I mean by that is that suddenly it became crystal clear how much I love myself and how much I value my life and everything in it. A little Rocky Balboa light inside of me came to life, and I tell myself every day how proud of myself I am and that I am a fighter and a survivor and I am in charge of my destiny, not anything or anyone else!!

Why in the world did I have to wait to be told I have cancer to connect to and feel this self power?

My message to all of you that read this is to embrace yourself and give yourself the biggest hug like you would a child, and tell yourself.' I love you, I got you and I will ALWAYS fight for you'....

I promise you this, if you can do this every damn day, you will be amazed at how much brighter everything starts to look and feel...

When you are in full swing of high fiving your inner self then start to direct that kindness to everyone around you. I love when I'm out and about and I smile at strangers. I look straight at them, turn my lips up with a twinkle in my eye and you know what? Nine times out of Ten, they all smile back. I've uplifted their day and they in turn have done that for me.

The power of genuinely being nice and looking at the world with a view that everyone is fabulous and we all are special is just simply beautiful.

Ahhhh cant you just smell the roses....

2. MOVE YOUR BODY- Notice, I do not say exercise? That word exercise freaks some people out and I am here to advocate for simply moving your body if that's what floats your boat!

I love working out and I have always kept pretty fit and active. I do get a lot of peeps that have asked me over the years 'How do you stay motivated?'

Guess what? Here's the secret......'Just Get up and Get It Done!!'

I'm completely serious here, motivation is born from discipline. You need to get yourself disciplined. That simply means that when you can't be bothered and your mind is telling you 'You're tired now, stay in bed, we'll start tomorrow' ignore that voice and just get up and put yourself in auto pilot. More times than not, I have dragged my tired ass to the gym at 5am and I've looked a fright, and not gotten through a full workout, and wanted to quit, turn around and go home. My go to chant when it's a real struggle is to keep repeating 'I've got to get through this to get past it'. Please, by all means use it!

Why do I think this is so important? Because 'moving your body' is a gift to yourself. The more you commit to doing this for yourself, the happier you feel, you get that body/mind connection in full swing and that my friends is the winning ticket in life.

So go for that walk, put on a great song and dance while you dust the house, do ten jumping jacks in the kitchen while you fry up some eggs. It doesn't matter what you do Just Get Moving!!

3. Watch a funny show/movie- What is better than laughing out loud I ask you?

I freaking love watching a show or movie that I think is funny (my taste might raise a few eyebrows, but whatever)and cracking up loudly just brings me so much joy! Disconnecting from any worries or troublesome thoughts allows you to find peace in a world of humour and I am all for a good laugh.

Who couldn't love 'Friends'?- I've seen every episode multiple times and I keep watching, I just love it.

My fave funny movies: (dont judge me, i love them)...Bad Moms'; 'Grown Ups' and 'Heartbreak Kid'. I'm actually giggling writing these down... I'm so watching Bad Moms later today!!

4. Spoil Yourself - This is in line with being kind to yourself but is deserving of it's own point in my view. Treat yourself!! I'm not advising you to go on a shopping spree, although go for gold if that is what you would like to do.

What I mean is, do something every single day that brings you joy.

Here are my go to specialities:

'Mani and Pedi' - I usually have acrylics on my fingernails and have had for about fifteen years, this week I got them taken off or shall I say 'ripped off'... 'Ouch, by the way!' I can't have them on for surgery and I've decided that I wont get them re applied. Instead I'm going to get lovely manicures done with bright uplifting colours!

Sit in a beautiful cafe and order a yummy slice of cake and coffee by yourself- I love doing this, it's so simple but being able to sit and read a book or magazine, or play a game on my phone, or google the latest fashion is pure indulgence in my eyes. It's so relaxing and you are giving yourself permission to switch off and just be you! Paradise!

It's the small stuff but it geez it feels good. Who doesn't want to have planned moments in their day that makes them feel great?!

5. Read up on stuff that you are interested in-I'm finishing off with this little gem because giving yourself time to research and read up on anything that 'sparks joy' (I love Marie Kondo for introducing me to this saying, it encapsulates so much!) is honouring the deepest part of yourself.

What has helped me so much, especially in recent weeks, is Dr Joe Dispenza. He is a neuroscientist and expert on change, the brain, mind and human potential. Mind Blowing stuff! He is freaking awesome!

I also love Elizabeth Peru- she aligns herself with cosmic global connection and if anyone has an interest in 'law of the universe' type stuff, then I highly recommend looking her up.

I do all of the above actions consistently, it's who I am and who I choose to be.

Everyone has the ability to connect to their strongest selves and I wholeheartedly believe that every single person is special and has their own unique attribute. Be kind to yourselves always, no one on this earth will love you more than the pure love you can give to yourself.....

Stay tuned, details of my scheduled surgery coming up soon....3 days to go.....this shit is getting real....

Until next time,

Sabrina xx

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