Oh No..It's Bowel Cancer!...Taking you on my crazy journey and sharing it all, The Good, The Bad and The Ugly with tears, laughter and inspiration.... 

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Sabrina’s book “OH SH*T!!!…I HAVE CANCER” takes us through her life journey and her message is truly inspirational. Sabrina shares, the good, the bad and the ugly with tears, cheekiness and laughter with powerful life learnings and messages throughout.... 

This book will show you how Sabrina has mastered the “Power of Gratitude” and the “Power of Clarity” converting these to the spark required to ignite the warrior within to be able to conquer ANYTHING life throws at you, resulting living a life that you are in love with every day.

What is striking about Sabrina’s life story, is her essence, courage, resilience, determination, gratitude for life and passion to be able to influence and make a difference in people's lives.  Sabrina is a true inspiration and was definitely placed on this earth to remind us all through her sassiness, spirit and warrior like bravery that we all too have a warrior within us to achieve anything we want in life as long as we have the right mindset.


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......WOW you are so positive and inspiring and strong...as I know you really want to help others  on this journey.

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....you are amazing and will be in my prayers...stay strong we all need each other to keep fighting.  It's what keeps us going ...watching others battle with us!....bravo!

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Rebecca Herbener

Ostomy Australia


....I think readers would appreciate the call-back to their own experience especially when you make it so light hearted but real.

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Natalie Edwards

....OMG Sab!...your writing is so raw and so real, I am sending all my love light and healing your way .

The Ostomy Guy