OH SH*T!!!...I Have Cancer

Words you Never Want to Hear

This is my story and it's just the tip of the iceberg. I'd like to share my journey, from having Crohn's disease for the past 25 years that eventually led to being diagnosed with bowel cancer on the 27th November 2019....then came  two major surgeries, recovery and living life to the fullest


A little about me....

I am hoping to inspire you with my story. Being diagnosed with bowel cancer at 44 is frightening and it has blown me away. One of the things that became apparent almost immediately to me was my desire to stay positive and choose to be as uplifting as I could. I continued to exercise and post my workout photos. I share my diagnosis as a way to inspire others to not allow an illness to define you... but instead draw strength and find the power within you.

"We are all capable of switching on"

It's scary to research and find out what is ahead, but I believe that understanding and connecting with others in similar situations is so powerful.

I am now an author and have shared it all through my book “OH SH*T!!!…I HAVE CANCER”  where I hope to remind you we all too have a warrior within us to achieve anything we want in life as long as we have the right mindset.

I will share honest and real life moments of what's ahead and I hope to provide you with facts, advice and most importantly INSPIRATION.

Life is about looking after your mind, body and soul but most importantly....having balance.



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